logo matrixThe Learning Partnership delivers high quality Information, Advice and Guidance services across Bedfordshire and Luton for individuals looking for advice geared to supporting skills and work goals.  Through one to one and group delivery the emphasis is on quality careers and skills interventions with advice best matched to suit individual needs.

“They helped me to see that I am a valuable candidate and not something to write off”

The support available identifies steps for individuals to take in order to reach their goals through the development of an action plan.  Everybody’s support package will be different but could involve one or more of the following:

  • One to One support or group Workshops, looking at CV Writing, Interview Techniques, Application Forms, Cover Letters and Job Search
  • Opportunities available locally, including information on funded learning, general funding advice and job clubs
  • Careers Advice, on career matching using diagnostic tools to identify career options and transferable skills and access to labour market information on local vacancies and recruiting sectors.

“I have a much clearer idea of where I am heading.  I would have less chance of obtaining my chosen career without the support I received”

CDI_Reg_ProfWe deliver across a range of venues in Luton and Bedfordshire and also provide a telephone service for ease and convenience.  The Learning Partnership has a team of careers advisers who between them have years of experience delivering careers advice to individuals who are looking to progress back into employment and explore learning opportunities.

To find out how the Learning Partnership can work with you to provide a support package to your customers please contact:

Christopher Duncombe-Cooper
T:  01234 291921 Extn.: 4445
E:  cduncombe-cooper@bedford.ac.uk

To book an intervention with an advisor and to check eligibility please contact:

Nick Bray
E: nbray@bedford.ac.uk
T: T: 01234 291921 Extn.: 4446