logo-lsisThe original LeaP project ran from March until October 2011.


LeaP was an LSIS funded project designed to develop the already established learnEAST consortia into a robust network of Third Sector learning providers capable of holding direct contracts and working as a low risk, high performance sub contractor.

The project aimed to strengthen the existing learnEAST consortium members to professionalise their relationship to procurement and the engagement  with contracts for the delivery of learning services to priority and hard to reach groups which are beyond the reach of large, mainstream providers.


The purpose of learnEAST is to support a robust network of Third Sector learning providers in each sub-region of the East of England. LearnEAST provides stakeholders, like prime contractors, with a single point of contact from which to engage the Third Sector. As a network it provides Third Sector providers with relevant information about developments within the Learning and Skills sector, sub-contracting opportunities and support for partnership working both internally and across sectors.


The project wasdelivered in two phases –the first being a whole organisational audit focussing on reviewing each member’s capacity and capability to offer training services to adults and to hold and deliver contracts through prime funding providers.

After a process of self assessment and one to one discussions the strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvements of each partner organisation were identified and acted to inform the scope and priorities for the second phase.
Phase two delivered a programme of activity planned and designed to address the areas identified for improvement, using the expertise identified, during phase one.

As a result of the project a series of resources were developed for the network. Check our the learnEAST website for more details and access to resources.

Coordinator & Contact

Caroline Wilkins
T:  01234 840758
E:  cwilkins@learning-partnership.co.uk

 Partners on this Project

  • Community and Voluntary Forum Eastern Region (COVER)
  • Suffolk Association of Voluntary Organisations (SAVO)
  • Norfolk Unites
  • Voluntary Sector Training (VST)
  • Hertfordshire Training and Development Consortium (HTDC)
  • GET Group – Guidance, Employment, Training