logo-esf fundedFollowing the success of the last project supporting the Over 50s in Luton back into work, Luton Borough Council awarded The Learning Partnership further funding to continue to work with unemployed over 50s in Luton.

The project was funded by the European Social Fund and Luton Borough Council. The stage 1 of the project started March 2014 and ran until June 2015. Stage 2 commenced in July 2015 and completed in February 2016.

logo-LBC1As with the last programme support was provided to enable participants to identify their barriers to work, provide them with help to overcome them, build their confidence and ultimately get them back into work. The service was flexible and person-centred and focusses on support and encouragement at all stages of the participant’s journey towards employment.

The project offered a comprehensive package of employability support delivered through 1 to 1 sessions with a Personal Adviser, group sessions and a Work Club all aimed at building confidence and up-skilling.

To be eligible for the project participants had to be currently out of work and actively seeking employment, aged over 50, a UK resident living in Luton and not already engaged in a DWP Work Programme.

Coordinator & Contact

Work Club 5 NOCN CertificatesEwa Depka
T: 01234  857661
E: edepka@learning-partnership.co.uk

Project Partners

Programme Summary

5007Between April 2014 and February 2016 we ran 9 cohorts of the Over 50s Work Club at the Luton Irish Forum. The service was flexible and person-centred, focused to support and encourage participants at all stages of their journey towards employment. All participants had access to Information, Advice and Guidance in the following areas:

  • Skills and Aspiration Assessment
  • Confidence building
  • CV writing
  • Interview Techniques
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Search
  • Application Forms
  • Signposting to specialist provision
  • Updating and achieving qualifications

5003As a result of this project:

  • 186 participants were enrolled
  • 133 participants completed all elements of the training, gained employability skills and moved closer to sustainable employment
  • 64 participants entered employment

The weekly Work Club for 50+ was offered to all to practice skills and to gain confidence. All our clients had access to a laptop and could call one of our team to seek help with anything from basic IT to job searching and filling in applications. This environment provided an excellent opportunity for clients to network and helped with developing their self-confidence.

ESOL1420Work Club Website

This resource, www.work-club.org.uk, was developed by The Learning Partnership (Simon) and launched in June 2014 to support clients who were on the programme and reduce the amount of paper resources.

The website is password protected, to protect the intellectual property rights of the content provided, and contains information and resources which support the 9 week employability skills training, was updated weekly with Job Vacancies (with direct links to the listed vacancies) for which we try to find vacancies tailored to meet the needs of all our clients.

The website provided invaluable support for the Over 50s and especially supported less IT advanced clients in job searching and job applying.

5004Basic IT Sessions

We offered all our clients basic IT training or individual IT sessions to assure smooth progression of the clients to the Work Club with developing digital self-confidence.

Job Seeking Skills NOCN Course

In order to provide added value to our programme we developed and delivered an NOCN course at Level 1 for one cohort. 13 clients completed the training and gained an accredited qualification.

IT4WRP 50+IT for Work, Rest & Play C&G Entry Level 3 Course

In 2015 The Learning Partnership became an UK Online Centre and we offered our clients accredited basic IT training. 8 clients completed the training and gained an accredited qualification.

Over 50s Resource Library

Paper and digital versions link to information on specific help for 50+ jobseekers, Skills Health Checks, available training courses and recruitment events.

5001MEP visit at Over 50s programme

On 3rd March 2014 Richard Howitt MEP visited Luton and met LBC representatives, the Over 50s delivery team and Dorothy Sanwoola, a 50+ client who secured a permanent job as a result of support from the programme.


Luton’s Employment, Training and Skills (LETS) Fair

We took part in four LETS Fairs, in September 2014 and 2015 and February 2015 and 2016. Our attendance at this event allowed us to engage with other training organisations, to publicise our project and assess the job market, as well as signing up a number of new clients who attended our stand and secured a job for current participants who attended the Fair.

5006At the second fair all the project delivery partners attended to recruit new participants, and also used it as a practical exercise for our clients to attend, publicise their skills and seek out possible job opportunities.

Experience Counts Job Fair

15th January 2015 – It was a JCP initiative to organise a recruitment event addressed to 45+ clients who feel stigmatised by their age and who struggle to find a job. This was another opportunity for us to publicise the project, as well as signing up a number of clients who attended our stand.

Adult Learners’ Week Nominations and Awards

5010In 2014 and 2015 we nominated a few of our clients for ALW awards, consequently twice Over 50s learners were acknowledged and awarded:

2014 – Marie Mitchell, the Over 50s client from first edition of the programme, won ESF Achiever of the Year award, sponsored by ESF Team Luton Borough Council.
2015 – Mandy Speight, the current Over 50s client, won Lifelong Learner award, sponsored by Luton Adult Learning.

Both clients came a long way to overcome their barriers to work but they have done brilliantly and now can inspire other learners to achieve their goals.

ALW Luton Library Events – 20th June 2014 and 18 June 2015

Along with 10+ learning / training providers we promoted local learning and training opportunities. We were recruiting new clients on Over 50s programme and encouraged current clients to upgrade their qualifications by progressing to further training.


Client Feedback

I have learnt a lot from coming to The Learning Partnership.  Without the help I do not think I would be where I am this morning.  I didn’t have any computer skills in July 2015 so thanks to Ewa and staff as I would not have got a job without their help.  It’s been hard work but thanks very much.

Male aged 54 with over 20 years of experience as a caretaker decided to retrain and found a job as a health care assistant in a care home. He has completed 13 on-line training courses as a part of his induction and new qualifications.

Helpful trainers and information – relevant advice on the key points of interviews, application forms in fact in all aspects of job search techniques. Always supportive and with a real wealth of contemporary information always aware of the newest ideas and innovations pertaining to the quest for employment.

Male aged 62 with a range of technical skills, opted to look for new types of work using his transferable skills.

I am happy with the programme.  Ewa (Co-ordinator), Nick and Simon are very supportive and encourage members of the Work Club to be pro-active.  Ewa is an excellent co-ordinator and adviser.  She listens to individual interests and needs, and assures we have all the recent job vacancies at our disposal and necessary equipment to apply for jobs. I like the encouragement we received and respect that was shown. I am sad that the programme is ending as there is further need to support Over 50s group in Luton.

Female aged 61with learning difficulties, regained her confidence and got new C&G IT qualification during the programme.

I lack of confidence and doing this employment support programme has broadened my mind and self in myself.  I’ve learnt so much with the IT plus job search and a lot of information that I’ve taken on board to get employment.  So I am happy and grateful for what I’ve achieved.

Male aged 51, who was made redundant. He found a new job as a meter reader.

The Learning Partnership is really good.  I learned some IT and built up my confidence.  My adviser Ewa is very encouraging and patient with me.  It is a shame I cannot continue the programme due to ill health but I would like to come back to The Learning Partnership when I will get well.  Thank you for all your help.

Male aged 51, who overcame a fear of IT and became a confident user of a mobile phone and PC.

When I joined The Learning Partnership I was not confident to fill my applications properly. Ewa, my advisor raised my confidence and provided me with all the help. I needed to see my own weaknesses and strengths.  Nick Bray helped me with internet browsing.

There are some people who have played a great role in my life.  Ewa, my adviser is one of those who have encouraged me to believe in myself and seek to identify and develop skills.  She has been my mentor and is a great source of light for those over the age 50 who are looking to find employment. It has been both a privilege and an honour to have met her; she have helped me to develop my skills and have given me the confidence to achieve an IT qualification and to find employment.

The day I received my first payslip in the UK was one of the greatest days of my life. I would like my comments to be published so others can see examples of the help and assistance available. With very many thanks for all you have done.

Male aged 64, secured a job as a support worker. He completed C&G IT qualification. He dreams to work as an interpreter for the NHS and community services.  Encouraged by Ewa he took a training for interpreters and recently obtained new qualifications.

Your programme is very supportive for the jobseeker.  I have had access to job adverts which would (otherwise) have been difficult to find. The workshops have also been very useful in focusing my mind on relevant aspects of looking for work.

The courtesy of staff is excellent in all respects.  It has been a very positive experience attending the Learning Partnership.

Male aged 53, who developed his business idea during the programme.

The programme is prepared very professionally, showed all aspects of working and living in the UK.  I got a lot of support and information on further professional development and career path.  The atmosphere was very supportive and encouraging during the Work Club. Ewa’s knowledge and help is priceless.

Female aged 53, EU migrant educated to a degree level, gained her qualification comparison, enrolled on ESOL, found full time work and started volunteering for a women’s community organisation.

The programme is a great help in job searching, filling in application forms and other employability skills.  Personally I would prefer more hours of IT support as I find it the big issue among jobseekers in my age.  I am happy and appreciate all support and advisers’ presence and their help when I needed it.

Male aged 62, without formal education. During the programme he achieved his first accredited IT qualification.

I have been attending Work Club for 2 months and found a part time job which I know I couldn’t have done without their help as    I was lacking confidence.  With their help my confidence has improved and the different ways of looking for work has been made easier as I didn’t know half of them existed. I highly recommend Work Club run by the Learning Partnership for future clients.

Female aged 57, who was a housewife most of her life. By joining the programme she gained a lot of confidence and knowledge about the current job market. Her CV was produced and she secured a part time job as an office cleaner. 2 months later she called the office to share information that she had managed herself to secure another part time job as a shop assistant.

This training has helped me a lot in regaining my confidence in looking for work and practicing going into a workplace environment. Also helped to brush up on my IT skills.

The trainer also explains things in a positive way for me to understand. I like the amount of job adverts that were available as well as the deep knowledge of my advisor. It would be excellent if course could have continued further.

Female aged 63, who relocated from London to Luton a few years ago. During the programme she gained the knowledge about local employment market and gained a C&G IT qualification.

Very informative presentations on searching for work. Very useful assistance from Ewa and Nick using the computers for job searching.  Also paper based adverts for jobs were very useful.

Male aged 51, who has been out of work for 6 years, managed to secure part time work.

I have found the work club sessions very useful, it has helped me to achieve getting my confidence back, working on my CV and covering letters. I have also met some new friends. I think it was very informative and I learned quite a lot, some of which I hadn’t known before.

Female aged 60, who was made redundant. She gained confidence and a C&G IT qualification during the programme.

If it is possible within my reach and possibility to continue with the Learning Partnership I will be there. By the service delivered through your Advisers I got excellent support in IT and managed to engage in all the aspects of the programme.

Male aged 59, who learned how to use PC and gained his first ever IT skills and C&G IT qualification during the programme.

I enjoyed this programme, it is very interesting. I feel very comfortable with the programme and the teachers are excellent.  I get the help I need. It has made me feel much more confident within myself.

Female aged 54 with disabilities, who built up her confidence. During the programme she improved her IT skills and gained a C&G IT qualification.

Case Studies

Kennedy Scott

Case Study 1 – Mandy

Mandy was referred to Kennedy Scott in December 2014 by her Jobcentre Work Coach to the Employment Support for the Over 50s Project. Mandy’s identified barriers to employment were her lack of IT skills, low confidence and self-esteem and being away from the labour market for a significant amount of time.

She had worked in a café for nine years, which she loved, but sadly had to leave to provide end of life care for her mother, who was suffering from cancer and has since passed away. The loss of Mandy’s mother affected her greatly and her life took a turn for the worst, she was forced to give up the home she had shared with her mother and as a result suffered a bout of depression, admitting she could not see light at the end of the tunnel.

50+1407Mandy and her Kennedy Scott Employment Consultant, Patrick, worked together to create an action plan and it was agreed Mandy would find work in either catering or care. Shortly after, Mandy completed an Employability Skills workshop and basic IT Skills training, so that she could apply for jobs online.

Mandy attended interviews but had not been successful, as she was not coming across confident enough. She was still struggling with her depression, but she believed engaging with other learners at Kennedy Scott was getting her out of the house and helping her overcome her loneliness. Mandy attended a Level 2 Healthy Aspirations course hosted by mental health charity MIND which focused on personal development and well-being.

Mandy thoroughly enjoyed the course and believed it was making a difference. Mandy volunteered for more learning arranged by Kennedy Scott. She had Level 1 IT training and was quickly becoming competent with using computers. She found herself offering support to other members of the group.

A few months later she had gained three accredited qualifications. Mandy started the last of her training a Level 2 Food hygiene qualification. This gave her the confidence to work back in catering. Mandy was invited to an interview with Premier Inn. The role was working in their kitchen as a Breakfast Chef. She excelled at the interview stage. Premier Inn hotel management said: “Mandy was an absolute delight.”

In March Mandy started her new job as full-time breakfast chef at the Premier Inn. Mandy said: “Kennedy Scott has been such a great help to me, they have helped me feel confident and strong. I have achieved so much with them I didn’t know I could.”

When Mandy came to Kennedy Scott, she had no IT skills, low confidence and had been away from the labour market for six years to care for her ill mother, these were all barriers to her finding work. Mandy struggled with the death of her mother and suffered depression as a result. Despite her tragedy, Mandy gained an IT Skills Training qualification and a Level 2 Food hygiene qualification.

She volunteered herself on more than one occasion for additional training, making the most of the resources around her in order to secure employment. Mandy left secondary school in 1977 with no formal qualifications but quickly started work for clothing manufacturers as a clothes presser preparing garments for retail stores using something called a Hoffman machine, she continued this career until 1999 when the last firm she worked for went out of business

When Mandy’s mum died in 2014 she was forced to give up the property they shared and move to a studio flat on her own which she said was “heart-breaking after losing her mother”. Mandy never married or had children but has a niece which she loves dearly and her children refer to Mandy as nanny. Mandy was struggling with her depression and isolation very much, her JCP adviser stated the over50 project would benefit her if only to be seeing and mixing with people.

50+1406Mandy is exactly the kind of person this project was made for. A lifetime of experience but through no fault of her own found herself in difficulty re-entering the labour market. Mandy had a rough time after her mother passed away but she had the desire to get back to work and overcome her depression. With a little bit of support and guidance Mandy was able to achieve more than she thought possible. I am so happy she is back in work and working at Premier Inn as a breakfast chef. She is perfect for the role and the whole hotel team love her. I am very proud of what she has achieved in such a short time.

Mandy’s achievements were recognised at the Adult Learners Week Local Awards where she won in her category “Lifelong Learning”

Case Study 2 – Lauren

Lauren was referred to Kennedy Scott in July 2014 by her Jobcentre Adviser. Lauren had been unemployed for six years and joined the Employment Support for Over 50s Project. Kennedy Scott identified that Lauren’s barriers to employment were her lack of IT and job searching skills as well as being away from the labour market for some time.

Lauren had experience in many different job roles over the years but her passion was working in the care sector, a job she had left over seven years ago. Unemployed was now having a detrimental effect on Lauren’s mental health and she was open to any job opportunity. Lauren worked with her adviser Patrick Hyde on effective job search sessions covering Universal Jobmatch and other popular job boards, they identified a training plan and Lauren set out working towards achieving the goals.

50+1405Over the coming weeks Lauren completed training in Safe Moving and Handling, Fire Warden Training and Level 2 Food Hygiene which she could utilise in many industries. Lauren successfully completed a Level 1 Certificate in IT User Skills as many jobs now require a reasonable standard of IT ability. Lauren went on to attend various interviews for care, customer service and hospitality roles, but due to personal set-backs she was not successful in securing work.

Patrick and Lauren worked together to overcome her other barrier to employment, her Bipolar Disorder and progress was made. By the first week of September Lauren had started work in a production role at a food manufacturing factory, not her ideal job but a job none the less. Unfortunately the long hours, working conditions and constant pressure affected Lauren’s health in such a way that she couldn’t continue to work there.

Lauren started the New Year with a fresh approach, attending the Kennedy Scott centre regularly and making friends with other customers. Lauren enrolled onto a Health and Social Care QCF and completed Emergency First Aid at Work Training. At the end of January Lauren attended an interview for a Care Assistant post at a local residential home for the elderly and was informed almost immediately of her success.

Lauren said: “I have achieved a great deal from my time at Kennedy Scott, I found the programme really helpful and Patrick was a brilliant help. Since leaving the project I have continued with my job as a carer and I am really enjoying it. Everything I’ve achieved has made such a difference to my life and now I have a much more positive outlook.”

When Lauren joined Kennedy Scott she was suffering with personal problems caused by her Bipolar disorder and a violent relationship which affected her mental health and made it difficult for her to secure employment. Her lack of qualifications also hindered her chances of finding work. Lauren came to Kennedy Scott with no official qualifications. Lauren has since gained several qualifications: Moving and Handling, Fire Warden Training and Level 2 Food Hygiene and IT User Skills.

Lauren was also suffering from low mood, and not only has her professional life being improved, so has her personal life. Lauren has made friends in the centre with other jobseekers and regularly meets with them outside of the Luton office. Lauren has made the most of her time at Kennedy Scott and has got the most out of this opportunity and it has been life changing for her.

Berries Employment

Case Study 3

This case study demonstrates that when you choose a new career path, you have to be open minded and understand  and be prepared to accept that entry into a new area can mean starting at the beginning and working your way up.

50+1401This participant has worked as a hairdresser for most of her working life. She also spent about two years working as an administrator but that was several years ago. She recently completed a Level 1 IT course at the Luton Learning Centre. This was to bring her IT skills up to date but she did not feel sufficiently confident to progress to Level 2.

She felt that she would prefer to be working before she went any further as she found that taking qualifications when you were not actually using that knowledge was very difficult as you can easily forget information when you are not putting it into practice. However she realised that many people who were applying for administration roles already had Level 2 equivalent qualifications and that it was a very competitive market.

The participant decided that she would rather take up an apprenticeship, where she would be able to take further qualifications and also have on the job training.

She accepted that her income would be relatively low in the short term but felt that being in work would improve her confidence and the qualifications gained during her apprenticeship would improve her future career opportunities. She has been successful in obtaining a full time apprenticeship post.

Case Study 4

This case study demonstrates the importance of working in partnership to help participants achieve their full potential.  This is a vital part of measuring the success of this project. This participant had worked as a painter and decorator and in warehousing but did not have qualifications in these areas. He also took an intensive IT course funded through JCP to improve his employability skills. His interpersonal skills were excellent and he was prepared to take on any job role as he just wanted to be employed. He was very active in trying to achieve this and spent hours walking around industrial estates, handing out his CV wherever he could.

50+1403However as the project progressed he became less confident about whether he could physically manage to work in a factory, or become a decorator, as he was becoming increasingly incapacitated due to rheumatism. He felt that he would have to tell any prospective employer about his disability and this would affect his chances of gaining employment. There was a suitable programme for him at the Disability Resource Centre who also had excellent contacts with employers who took on people with his type of disability.

He is doing voluntary work at the Centre, helping other people with their IT skills and this has really helped his confidence. He has also been able to use the resources available at the Centre and now has a walking stick which has greatly helped his ability to get out and about.

Step by Step Training

Case Study 5

Client A is a single parent who has suffered long term health problems and due to this had multiple barriers to moving forward. She attended the programme attending all workshops, advice and guidance sessions and the work club.

50+1402She was additionally supported by Step by Step Training to overcome and work through the barriers that she faced. On completion of her CV we were able to get her a volunteer placement with a local voluntary organisation.

With the combination of help from the programme she managed to begin to build confidence and become more motivated. She was offered a part time job with the voluntary organisation and is still working for this organisation in the capacity as an Office Administrator. As her confidence grew she was further assisted by the team from Step by Step and was encouraged to undertake an educational qualification.

With help she completed her application and was supported during and through her interview for a college place. She is in process of completing an NVQ in accounting and SAGE. She is much more outgoing and happy. Further to this she is also undertaking an Advice and Guidance qualification with her current employer. She remains positive and is very much hoping to continue working in her current position as an Office Administrator with her current employer.

The Learning Partnership

Case Study 6 – April

5002After raising her family April was in full / part time employment from 1999 to 2009 when she became a full time carer for her parents. In 2015 she wanted to return into employment, but was struggling to do so due to her career break and lack of IT skills.

Having seen our advert in the local paper, and despite her concerns over her abilities, she enrolled herself and attended two sessions of ‘IT for Job Seeking’, and two one-to-one sessions to improve her IT skills, before progressing to Job Seeking Skills. With continued support through the two month programme she became confident in using her email and the internet and was able to search and apply for jobs unaided. More importantly her confidence greatly improved and after two months was much more outgoing and positive in her attitude.

She was nominated for the Adult Learners’ Awards 2015.

Case Study 7 – Keith

50+1404Keith spent over 10 years as a web developer / designer, in 2014 he found himself seeking employment and found out about the programme at the LETS Fair in Luton.

After attending the programme for 3 months, where we supported him in carrying out a Skills Health Check, reviewing and updating his CV, and investigating career options, he was offered work at NOAH Enterprises supporting learners and delivering IT training.

“Attending Work Club has been very valuable and enjoyable. I have received a lot of help from reviewing my CV to help with job searching. Whilst my new job didn’t directly come from attendance at the Work Club, the programme did add to my confidence and willingness to apply for and accept job opportunities”

Case Study 8 – William

William spent over 15 years working his way up to be a highly successful property developer in South Africa and moved to the UK in early 2014, but after 9 months was struggling to find employment.

When he saw our advert in the Luton Herald and Post he contacted us and signed up for the programme. After attending the programme for 3 months, where we supported him in reviewing and updating his CV, and investigating career options, he was offered work at the Milton Keynes office of an International Property Development company.

“This was an excellent programme where I learnt how to update my CV (quite different to the needs in South Africa), interview skills and employment opportunities and online applications. I was given a lot of support and information which was invaluable”

Case Study 9 – Ann

CertificatesAnn*, aged 57, found our advert in the Luton Herald & Post and referred herself to the Employment Support for the Over 50s Project in September 2015. Together with her adviser Ewa, they identified barriers to employment which were her lack of IT skills, insufficient knowledge about modern recruitment processes and finally low confidence caused by being away from the labour market for a significant amount of time. Most of her life she was raising her 4 children.

Due to the nature of her partner’s work she had longer career breaks to undertake childcare responsibilities, organising family life and moving house a few times to different RAF bases in Europe. She never worked longer than 1 to 2 years in one place. She had some cleaning experience, work in retail and most recently working as a PA to her visually impaired friend.

Ann and her Learning Partnership Adviser, Ewa, worked together to create an action plan and it was agreed that Ann would find work in either retail or cleaning. Ann started regularly attending the Employability Skills training and Work Club as well as additional IT sessions. Soon she made some friends at the Work Club and gained some confidence to job search and apply on-line.

Ewa helped her to create her CV explaining the longer career breaks and demonstrating her transferable skills and strengths. With her new CV and skills Ann started applying for different jobs. Soon Ann was invited for an interview for a position of office cleaner. It was part- time work in the afternoon. Ann was successful and she was offered a job (20 hours a week). In November she started her new work. However she was still coming for drop in sessions to look for other part-time work.

Ann said: “I have been attending the Work Club for 2 months and found a part-time job which I know I couldn’t have done without their help as I was lacking confidence.  With their help my confidence has improved and the different ways of looking for work has been made easier as I didn’t know half of them existed. I highly recommend the Work Club run by the Learning Partnership for future clients.”

By joining the programme Ann gained confidence and knowledge about the current job market. Her CV was produced and she secured a part-time job as an office cleaner. 2 months later she called the office to tell them that she had managed to secure another part-time job as a shop assistant.

Case Study 10 – John

In September when John* aged 54, came to the Learning Partnership to join the Employment Support for the Over 50s programme, he had very low confidence and low IT skills. John had been made redundant from his previous work a few months ago, where he spent over 10 years.  For 20+ years of his career John worked as a caretaker and maintenance person.

While on programme John worked with his adviser Ewa Depka on effective job search sessions covering digital job search, Universal Jobmatch and other popular job sites, they identified a training plan and John set out working towards achieving the goals. Ewa reviewed his CV, his lack of qualifications hindered his chances of finding work. John came to the Learning Partnership with no official qualifications.

Over the coming weeks John completed IT training on-line and gained enough confidence to practice at home and do some more on-line training. He was very proactive and attended the ‘LETS Fair,’ and applied for different job opportunities. John went on to attend various interviews for retail roles at Poundland and Sainsbury’s. At the end of October John attended an interview for a Health Care Assistant/Handyman post at a local residential home for the elderly and was informed almost immediately of his success. It boosted his confidence greatly as he was the first person from the group who found a job.

While waiting for his DBS check to be processed, he continued to attend the Work Club regularly to improve his IT skills. At the same time he was offered another F/T job at Sainsbury’s which he initially thought to take as well. After careful consideration with his adviser, he decided to take the Health Care Assistant/Handyman role due to the CPD opportunities it offered. He started a Social Care Level 1 on-line training course and completed with flying colours in November when he started his work.

John said: “I have learnt a lot from coming to The Learning Partnership.  Without their help I do not think I would be where I am this morning.  I didn’t have any computer skills in July 2015 so thanks to Ewa and staff, as I would not have got a job without their help.  It’s been hard work but thanks very much.”

Client with over 20 years of experience as a caretaker decided to retrain and found a job as a Health Care Assistant / Handyman in a care home. When enrolled on the Employment Support for the Over50s programme he lacked confidence and had very limited IT skills. The time spent on the programme helped to develop both of these. As part of the induction programme for his job he has completed 13 on-line training courses and has achieved his Social Care Level 1 qualification.

* Clients names were changed.

Work Club 4 Certificates

Everyone who completed the programme was presented with a certificate of attendance

Participant Feedback

What did you like most about this programme?

  • gaining confidence on how to apply for jobs
  • I felt that it helped with gaps in my job application knowledge
  • other people in the same position as me
    • didn’t feel silly asking question
    • we were all in the same boat every one chats
  • Friendly help and support; Chance to address skills that I was not aware I could use, to increase my ability to gain employment or start my own business. Also meeting and sharing this experience with people of similar age group, and invaluable IT skills. The tutor and his team make you feel at home and are very friendly. The people that attend the course are all friendly too
  • Simon has been unemployed and in a similar boat trying to find work. He has empathy with the group but is still positive and nothing is too much trouble. The one to one sessions are extremely focused. Searching for work can be soul destroying Simon understands that but remains positive and has the wisdom of experience.