ESF Central Bedfordshire ‘DASL (Dancing, Acting, Singing, Learning)‘ 2008-11

logo-esf fundedThe Dancing, Singing, Acting and Learning or DASL Project was delivered through a partnership of experienced providers offering Adults with Learning Disabilities (ALD), and young people not engaged in learning due to Aspergers Syndrome, with access to individualised learning programmes following in-depth diagnostic need assessment designed to identify their specific support requirements and the most appropriate route to gaining work preparation skills and support into employment.

Offering person-centred bespoke packages of learning tailored to the individual’s specific requirements where necessary  using assistive/adaptive technology and sympathetic delivery methods.  The programme offered vocational and academic short courses covering a wide range of options including filming, media, dance, arts and crafts, ICT and horticulture. All learning had work preparation and personal development skills embedded.

This innovative programme centred on a platform of multi and social media workshops using filming, animation, acting and communications technology and based around a theme of filmed reviewed  (121 or peer review) scenario’s including self-presentation and interview techniques and participating productions including scripts, filming, editing, direction and role-playing.  The project offered access to learning that was creative and fun and encouraged self- expression.

Mentoring, support and wrap-around IAG were key elements underpinning the delivery of the project.

The aim of the project was to encourage participation and to enjoy the learning experience enabling a number of beneficiaries to gain sustainable employment or volunteering placements and to encourage all participants to gain employability skills and to gain the self-confidence to play an active role in their local community both socially and economically.

Partners on this Project