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Detailed below are the projects which received funding in 2015/16, together with photos from our Celebration of Learning event:


Fathima Kauser
T: 01582 532697/ 07897 347304

Laugh | Breathe | Speak

This project provided learning opportunities to South Asian women in Luton by providing practical and support classes to all women from across the community, to help build confidence and to improve the overall health and well-being of the learners.

The project supported learners who were local residents in Luton and who had experienced traumatic events in their lives. Learners experienced a positive and safe learning environment, and took part in engagement activities and group sessions to share their experiences, build self-confidence, and improve their mental health & wellbeing.

Course sessions offered different activities which included open chat and group discussion sessions and practical sessions. Our practical sessions included arts & craft, sewing & stitching activities, wool weaving, and fruit & veg cutting. Guest speakers took part in some sessions, such as a nutritionist, to talk to learners about the benefits of healthy a diet; a police officer and social worker.

The aim and goal of the courses was to improve the mental health and wellbeing of our learners and to help them build trust and confidence.

Amicus Trust logoAmicus Trust Ltd.

Charmaine Neita / Tony Fiedler
T: 01234 358478
E:  /

My Tenancy Matters

The Aim of the project was to develop the Life Skills, self-confidence & resilience of people who were homeless / vulnerably housed and living in supported accommodation in Bedfordshire, to enhance their skills for independent living & develop a habit of learning as preparation for education, training & employment.

3 cohorts of  learners attended 4 x 3 hour workshops delivered between Dec 15 and May 16. Access to additional 1:1 support was provided along with peer support. 37 enrolled onto the project with 32 learners successfully completing and achieving a level 1 AQA accreditation in ‘Maintaining a Tenancy with Support’.

The project was successful in raising the self-confidence & increasing resilience for learners in relation to sustainment of their current tenancy & preparing for resettlement. Feedback shows:

  • 41% of learners feel less stressed & have improved mental health following the course
  • 16% stating that they now need less support from other agencies
  • 47% of learners reported that they have increased confidence through attending the course, with further steps toward education & employment are more likely
  • 20 learners being supported to access continued learning opportunities. Out of these 20, 9 have achieved further accreditation within life skills & / or employability skills.

ASR Communitylogo-asr-project

Rana Miah
T: 01582 431117

Are we there yet – Young Fathers Project

Fathers and male carers are often considered to be a ‘hard to reach’ group in particularly from south Asian backgrounds. Many Asian fathers feel disengaged from learning and development opportunities. This project provided a series of workshops and a personal development programme to enable Asian fathers to become more socially active and confident in pursuing further learning and employability opportunities. The project helped fathers to:

  • develop a greater sense of self-esteem and confidence through the personal development programme
  • improve their knowledge and experience in business development that will raise their aspirations to positively seek out new opportunities
  • develop social and interpersonal skills and feel more socially included by forming positive relationships with other fathers based on learning and development.

There were two different courses:

Aspiring Dads Workshops – The personal development workshops were based around managing social relationships, Community Action, Developing Self, Managing Own Money and Healthy Living. Learners developed skills which included interview skills, budgeting and CV writing.

Business Dads Club – Delivered via a programme of coffee morning/workshops in a relaxed and informal setting, fathers and carers were given a great opportunity to share experiences, opinions and feelings with other parents in a friendly and secure environment. The sessions covered topics such as: starting your own business, business planning, self-employment, budgets, networking, sales, social media marketing, public speaking, profit & loss accounts, presentation skills, etc.

Bengali Womens Project logoBengali Women’s Project (BWP)

Judith Robinson / Sheikh Moheeuddin
T: 01582 519500
E: /

First Steps to Learning (Stages 1 and 2)

This was an informal learning project to develop the self-confidence and English abilities of women who are not ready for the cultural change of attending UK formal adult education. The aim was to provide learning sessions to women (19+) in a safe environment taking account of their cultural needs and the gifts their culture can offer their UK environment, in order to develop their English language skills, learning processes, further learning opportunities and their confidence to take the next steps towards further learning to gain skills and employment.

clf2016-bengali-wpEach Stage was delivered separately in three-hour tutor-led workshop sessions. Stage 1 delivered 45 hours of learning and Stage 2 delivered 30 hours. 37 women from BME groups, living in Luton, enrolled and all learners successfully completed their programme.

  • 100% of learners agreed their English language skills had improved as a result of doing the course (speaking, reading, writing & listening)
  • 72% of learners said they had started another course since the programme finished

100% of learners reported:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved their motivation to learn
  • Increased in their social and friendship groups

The Stage 2 course offered learners previously completing stage 1 of the project the opportunity for more in-depth study with problem solving and learning techniques introduced at stage 1 given personal application at stage 2. The courses enabled learners to understand and apply the learning processes (meta-learning), introduce/re-enforce decision making strategies for daily living, increased English skills (speaking, reading, writing, listening), encourage active citizenship and the role each can play in their community.

Community Works 4U CIC

Wendy Cook
T: 07581 076322Community Works 4U Logo

Scrapbook of Memories

The aim of the project was to provide a social opportunity for isolated vulnerable people with meaningful activity intended to improve self-esteem and enable recognition of their value and worth within their local community

clf2016-cw4uThe project delivered 2 courses; The first was a 20 week (50 hour) scrapbooking course attended by 5 isolated and vulnerable people. The course developed their creativity and art skills allowing them to produce a scrapbook and encouraging sharing of life stories and experiences. The course include the use of digital media and budgeting. As a result of the project Individuals have improved their self-esteem and reduced isolation – keeping in touch with other group members through digital media or meeting.

The second course was delivered at the Townsend Centre in Houghton Regis to residents and to learners from the first course. This 4 week course enrolled 13 new learners, many with multiple learning difficulties or disabilities, who all produced a memory book, using their own photos. 2 original learners completed a collage of memories, For those with more profound disabilities, these books will be used as communication tools, enabling staff and peers to have the opportunity for meaningful interactions with them.

In addition to the practical skills learned throughout both courses, the students had social opportunities and were able to develop their communication skills. Some were able to develop their decision making skills – making clear choices for the designs and colours in their books.

DRCC logoThe Disability Resource Centre

Tracy Plunkett
T: 01582 470900

The Way Ahead (Steeping Stones)

The project delivered a package of support in a managed journey of supportive and engaging workshops, to learners who were either carers, experiencing mental health difficulties or learning disabilities and in particular those with long term illness / chronic conditions and physical disabilities. Many learners had low confidence with anxiety and uncertainty about the way head.

clf2016-drcThe project delivered 4 courses, 24 hours each: ‘The Way Ahead’ (2 cohorts), ‘Expert by Experience’, ‘Community Champions’ ( 2 cohorts) and ‘Champions in Practice’. Courses were designed to act as progression for learners.

The project identifies where learners are now, where they want to be and develops their skills to achieve these goals. Courses incorporated change management and personal development, skill for action planning, research, presentation, communication, listening, problem solving and SMART target setting.

The forth tier ‘Champions in Practice’ taught the skills to set up and manage a peer support group through co-production. As a result 2 per support groups have been set up.

There were 58 enrolments (32 learners) across all courses. 100% of learners showed improved confidence and improved stress management.

Family Groups logoFamily Groups

Charlotte Day
T: 01234 316801

Award in Skills for Health and Social Care Level 1

The project delivered an accredited course to 15 learners who wished to improve their employment prospects and who had an interest in working in a care setting with Adults or Children. The course provided learners with a good background to access work in Care, Schools, Nurseries or Child Minding and with a range of transferrable skills.

Target groups were women aged 19+ living in Bedford and focussed on hard to reach groups in the local community facing barriers through disadvantage. Learners from multi-cultural backgrounds and minority groups as well as those on low incomes and with limited skills were recruited.

The course ran one day a week for 10 weeks, consisting of 10 x 5.5 hour workshops, one to one supervision and guidance, homework assignments and next step information.

Groundwork logoGroundwork

Christian Iszchak
T: 01582 720 147 / M: 07702 941 445

The Green Skills

The Dallow employability training programme was run at All Saints Church in the deprived Dallow ward in Luton.

The Green Skills programme ran for two days a week over six weeks and engaged 15 local unemployed people to move towards employment by building their confidence and preparing them to sit the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test. Passing this test meant that learners achieved the highly sought after CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card, enabling them to work in practical industries such as landscaping and construction.Participants learnt basic landscaping, joinery and horticulture skills, under the supervision of Groundwork’s experienced landscapers, which the learners used to develop a community food growing garden for Dallow’s diverse residents to use once the Green Skills project had been completed.

So, by participating in Green Skills, learners will not only have benefitted themselves by gaining a valuable qualification, they will also have benefitted a deprived community. Work carried out included: clearing a large overgrown area; creating a series of allotment-style plots; constructing compost bays; installing water butts; and creating a seating area where the community can sit, learn together, and socialise.

At the end of the course, the learners were introduced to employers in landscaping and construction, and undertook a mock interview conducted by a team of professionals in these fields. Learners spoke at an end of project celebration event, to which family, friends, referral agencies and local people were invited.

Home Counties Community Media CIC (HCCM)

Martin SteersHCCM
T: 07950 967111

Community News

The project delivered a 36 hr course over 6 weeks in community journalism and media skills including: Introduction to Journalism, Introduction to Media / Journalism Law, Hyperlocal and community journalism, Blogging and hyperlocal websites / platforms, Introduction to Video reporting & Vlogging, Introduction to Graphic Design & Print Layout

clf2016-hccm5 adults who were unemployed and not in education or training from the Dunstable & surrounding area attended and successfully completed the course – 3 achieving a Bronze Arts Award certificate.

In addition 5 standalone 3 hours workshops in community media skills were delivered in local venues open to a wider audience of learners. Topics included: Blogging, PR / working with media, Social media marketing, basic design / marketing and video / photography with smart devices.

The project achieved its aim of writing and producing a community newspaper that was launched in August.

It is hoped that the project is a starting point for Community News that will aim to continue to create regular newspapers that will be delivered to locations across Dunstable and the surrounding areas dealing with things that matter to people with articles, what’s on guides and information about activities and other courses that might be of interest.

Ilogo-icc-lutonnspirational Charismatic Church

Nelson Anti
T: 07473667737

Active Citizenship

The ‘Active Citizenship’ project involved our church members from the people in Luton communities. The aim of the project was to enable all participants to become more responsible and active citizens in Luton Borough. All participants will be empowered with skills to help them work, play and contribute to their society.

The key objectives of the programme were:

  • Promote employability skills i.e. job search and work activities
  • Increase literacy skills (speaking, oral and written)
  • Increase the number of individuals using leisure facilities including libraries
  • Increase participation in such things as local forums and volunteering which demonstrate improved confidence.

Lady Zia Wernher logoLady Zia Wernher Training Department

Judith Jackson
T: 01582 439104

Developing Communication in SEN, EAL and the early years

clf2016-lady-ziaLady Zia Wernher is a specialist school based in the Ashcroft/Ramridge area of Luton. The school specialises in the education of children with learning and physical difficulties.

Drawing on the wealth of experience and knowledge that staff have developed, the Training Department to meet the needs of the local and wider community to support the development of communication and understanding of children from birth to three years and those with SEN/EAL needs of all ages.

This continuation project offered learning opportunities to parents and carers of these children, specifically supporting those from deprived and SEN communities. Learners were able to improve their communication skills and in the process become more confident about communicating with their children.

Luton Community Health Forum

Sarita Jain
T: 07929 384290

Negotiating your way to bettclf2016-lchfer health

This continuation project empowered minority women facing multiple disadvantage to more effectively negotiate better health outcomes and increase their access to the full range of healthcare facilities available as well as improve understanding of certain conditions which impact South Asian women.

Through improving understanding of the NHS system and raising awareness of the most appropriate routes into health services as well as by improving communication and negotiation skills this project increased the confidence of the women who took part. It is hoped that this will go on to reduce the negative impact on health services due to inappropriate overuse of certain services.

logo-ltfc-ctLuton Town Football Club Community Trust

Kevin Thoburn
T: 01582 411622

Community Football Coaching Programme

clf2016-ltfcA continuation project from 2014-15, offered in Luton, the project worked with learners from Farley Hill, Marsh Farm and Lewsey Farm to take up the roles of ‘community champions’ who, through successful completion of the programme, are able to deliver sports activities to members of their community.

The aim was to provide training to the learners to enable them to deliver football and multi-sport activities which would improve learner’s health and activity levels as well as offering them genuine future work opportunities through formal sport qualifications gained on the project.

Learners who took part increased their awareness of the benefits of sporting activity together with the benefits of increased physical fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.

Community Soccer-Mums Football Coaching Programme
This new project identified female learners (soccer-mums) from Luton to take roles as ‘community champions’ who, through successful completion of the programme, have been upskilled to deliver sports activities and run and establish community football clubs for children within their communities.

Football is a very male dominated activity yet, for example, there are over 7,000 single mums in Luton looking after 15,000 children who do not have a male role model in the house. This project provided training to female learners to enable them to deliver football and multi-sport activities which improved both learner’s health and activity levels as well as offering them genuine future work opportunities through formal sport qualifications gained on the project.

Learners attended an FA Level 1 coaching course (18 hours over 6 days) and a Level 1 Multi Sports Leadership course (5 hours over 2 days). Additionally, to improve the learners ability to deliver sessions they will continue be mentored by LTFC staff to deliver a community activity programme to local children and adults not currently involved in sporting activity.

The Learning Partnership

TLP headerSimon Waldron
T: 01234 857661

IT for Work, Rest and Play

The IT for Work, Rest and Play project supported adults with low or no IT skills by offering guided and supported learning for 3 modules from the Learn My Way website, and included the opportunity to gain a City & Guilds Entry Level 3 Award.

The programme raised learner’s confidence and developed their IT skills, showing how these can be used in everyday life for online banking, shopping, social media and job searching.  The programme was split into two ability groups, those with little / no IT skills and those who having a basic knowledge.


  • Increase self-esteem and confidence through the delivery of an Entry Level IT programme
  • Develop IT skills to support skills development, future employment and learning for fun
  • Build confidence and knowledge to take steps towards further learning

Mind logoMIND BLMK

Jeanette Skipsey
T: 0300 330 0648
E: W:

clf2016-mind-blmkHealthy Aspirations

A continuation project from 2014-15, offered in Luton, these courses provided a structured opportunity to learn techniques designed to support mental health and wellbeing. The project was tailored to engage adult learners over 19 years old, experiencing mental health difficulties, or with chronic conditions or long term illness or chronic conditions, many of whom were also affected by mental health difficulties.

The groups were run in Luton and created supported learning groups of people with similar lived experiences. The programme will equip learners with tools to build skills and assist with individual learning goals.

NOAH Enterprise logoNOAH Enterprise

Warren Edwards
T: 01582 417785
E: W:

Digital learning for beginners

A continuation project from 2014-15 offered in Luton, which worked with socially excluded individuals and provided them with training to learn about what is available on the internet and ways to access information and services. The project engaged with some of the most marginalised and disadvantaged people in Luton, many of whom were homeless, some of whom were also living with mental health, drug and alcohol issues. The project was aimed at those with little or no experience of using computers and who often have literacy issues which compound their computer literacy. The course helped improve the confidence and motivation of individuals so that they are now better able to organise their lives.

Preparation for Independent Living
A new project for 2014-15 engaging with people who were homeless, excluded and long-term unemployed, in learning that developed and increased self-esteem and confidence, enabling future development towards independent living. Activities were:

  • Home Maintenance Course: incorporated use of hand tools to repair and maintain homes including painting, plumbing and decoration. Sessions ran twice a week for 6 hours on a rolling 5 weeks programme that enabled participants some flexibility in attendance patterns.
  • Healthy Living Course: incorporated food hygiene, healthy cooking, budgeting, food planning and exercise activities. There were 2 x 2hr sessions per wk and 4 hrs of work experience in the kitchen. The course ran on a rolling 5 wk programme

These courses were designed to provide easy access and allow the participants to have a great learning experience, while accommodating their sometimes chaotic behaviour patterns.

walk to freedom logoThe Walk to Freedom Limited

Mark Clarke
T: 01582 726039

Up skill for your community

The aim of the course was to enhance the learning skills of the community by delivering a course comprised of three parts: Drug and Alcohol Awareness; An introduction to counselling and Mentoring.

The progrclf2016-walk-to-freedomamme through discussion, role play, case studies, and homework introduced the concepts of counselling mentoring and drug and alcohol awareness to equip and empower people in the community to take on more active community roles as community champions or as leaders.

Participants were introduced to counselling and mentoring and drug and alcohol theories reflecting a growing interest in counselling/mentoring and community support. The overall aim of this project it to give people in the community the opportunity to enhance their learning skills to support their community as champions. Outcomes for learners included:

  • better communication and listening skills to deal with difficult situations in the family home or as a community champion or leader
  • more understanding of the challenges facing drug and alcohol users
  • techniques for engaging with members of the community who need support
  • skills to prepare them for further training, employment or self-employment.

Youth InspiredYouth Inspired logo

Diane Roberts / Clive Simpson
T: 01234 480980
E: /

Steps towards… Healthy Living and Cooking

The aim of the Steps towards Cooking / Healthy Living project was to develop transferrable skills, confidence and self-esteem, which will increase employability and economic participation within the community thereby increasing independence and reducing reliance on support services.

clf2016-youth-inspired2 courses were delivered: Healthy Living and Cooking, each 1 day per week for 14 weeks (70 hours).
15 learners enrolled and 14 achieved a Gateway Qualification accredited at either E3 or L1.

Those recruited were aged over 19 with learning or mental health difficulties/ disabilities, who were unlikely to engage in mainstream learning provision due to the nature of their conditions.
The project encouraged learner progression to FE, Volunteering or employment and improved active citizenship through improved confidence and self-esteem allowing greater access to the community.

As a result of the project all have:

  • Improved knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle
  • knowledge of healthy living benefits and ways to live healthier
  • Improved skills in preparing food and cooking
  • reported cooking the meals at home and sharing with friends
  • Increased confidence socially – learners went out for socials independent of the group
  • Increased confidence while cooking – learners were able to cook at home, trying more variants while cooking and cook with less help needed than at the start.