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Detailed below are projects which were funded for 2016/17:

The Disability Resource Centre

Tracy Plunkett
T: 01582 470900
E: tracy.plunkett@drcbeds.org.uk

Community Wellbeing Project

The Community Wellbeing Project aims to understand learner’s physical, social, and emotional state to provide a tailored package of learning to develop learner’s skills and provide techniques to aid wellbeing, support behavioural change, condition management and improve self-esteem. Once learned, these can be applied at any time.

Target groups are carers; people with long-term illness/conditions; physical disabilities or those experiencing mental health difficulties. Learner will be recruited from Central Bedfordshire and Luton, including areas of deprivation including Parkside, Lewsey Farm and Downside.

A menu of 12 x 3 hours workshops will be delivered in 4 pathways:  staying connected, healthy lifestyles, mindfulness and personal development.

  • Staying connected – bringing people together and improving social inclusion
  • Healthy Lifestyles – Being active – improving awareness of healthy lifestyles, eating and ways to stay active
  • Personal development – learning new skills to boost confidence and provide a sense of achievement, building new social networks and peer support
  • Mindfulness – making learners more aware of the present moment, including body, thoughts and feelings.

Initial assessment will enable an individually tailored programme of learning, designed around individual needs and goal. Learners will select from standalone workshops or blocks of learning.

The project aims to engage a minimum of 33 learners and deliver 36 workshops. Outcomes will be relevant to learning modules/workshops and will include:

  • Improved health and wellbeing e.g. create a balanced menu plan,  understand the benefits of meditation, techniques to aid relaxation in stressful situations; improved confidence and self-esteem.



Liferoots Ltd

Ann Moulder / Natalie Wilson
T: 07544261098
E: ann.moulder@liferoots.co.uk / natalie.wilson@liferoots.co.uk

Transforming Lives

Transforming lives aims to deliver a holistic knowledge and therapeutic programme for carers of people living with dementia (PLWD) in deprived areas of Bedford Borough. Learners will learn about themselves, dementia, how to apply this knowledge improve their health and wellbeing and their community.

Learning will be delivered in group sessions with 1:1 support. Learners will be empowered to:

  • understand more about dementia
  • take part in individual and group activities, including;
    • reflecting on positive experiences
    • planning and managing meaningful change
    • communicating and engaging effectively in differing circumstances
    • the importance of identity (reminiscence/life-story telling)
  • review thoughts, feelings, relevant points and explore further questions
  • consider how positive change can be embedded in their local community
  • discover and engage with new technology.

Learners will benefit from self-directed learning using Personal Journals to reflect and record important points, tips and thoughts in words and/or pictures, thus becomes a point of reference and therapeutic intervention. The programme will engage 36 learners across 3 cohorts, with 30 learners each completing a minimum of 24 guided learning hours.

The programme will develop a greater insight, knowledge and understanding of dementia: its progression, and how behaviour and ability of a PLWD may change over time. Learners will explore how they are adjusting to their new situation, find new methods of communicating, alternative activities and innovative techniques to assist differing circumstances.


Jeanette Skipsey
T: 0300 330 0635
E: jeanette.skipsey@mind-blmk.org.uk

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds is a wellbeing course designed to provide participants with emotional and practical tools to support their mental and physical wellbeing.  The aim is to support individuals that experience poor mental health with intent of progression into further learning, volunteering or employment.  The course is designed to support the recovery process through learning – to build/rebuild confidence and develop coping strategies for everyday situations. It is based on the 5 ways to wellbeing; keep learning, connect, be active, give and take notice.  It will be delivered in small groups, the sessions are diverse and aim to meet the needs of all participants.

The course will be delivered in 2 hourly sessions for 6 weeks, with a maximum of 8 learners per group. % groups will be delivered in total.  The course covers the following subject areas:

  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Lifestyle balance
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Managing your emotions
  • Stress management
  • Anger awareness
  • Sleep
  • Food and Mood & exercise
  • Relaxation and Mindfulness

As a result of the course learners will:

  • Develop and implement confidence skills in every day routine
  • Gaining skills in communication and concentration
  • Recognise the significant of own self-esteem
  • Identify types of anger and practice techniques which help reduce it
  • Develop knowledge in sleep, identify own sleep patterns, learn skills in sleep health
  • Identify food groups which promote a healthy Mind
  • Develop skills in stress reduction
  • Identify types of exercise which promote positive wellbeing
  • Discover the concept of Mindfulness and practice techniques for relaxation

The Polish School In Bedford

Lucy Ratajczyk
T: 07840107510
E: thepolishschool@gmail.com

‘You are Valued’ Programme for Migrants

The aim of the project is to use learning to help eastern European Migrants to deal with a crisis situation caused by the near BREXIT perspective.

The project will target unemployed and economically inactive migrants, aged 19+ living in deprived areas of Bedford Borough including Kingsbrook, Cauldwell, Queens Park, Goldington and Castle, and in disadvantaged wards within Central Bedfordshire, specifically those affected by Brexit plans for UK

Social renewal will be promoted by bringing migrant and local communities together. There will be improved social and economic wellbeing of individuals, their families and communities and the celebration of positive learning experience.

A bespoke and innovative program for migrants’ helping them grow self-worth, overcome barriers, improve their skills and increase participation will be developed and delivered. 20 learners will be engaged onto 2 cohorts with each cohort offering 70 hours support (1:1 and group sessions), to include:

  • Bilingual, culturally relevant career advice focusing on volunteering as a stepping stone
  • Language and skills assessment sessions
  • ‘You are valued’ workshops consisting of ESOL module (36 hours) and Active Participation in UK  module (10 hours).
  • Volunteering tasters (event organising, admin duties, teaching support, planning)  (up to 20 hours per individual) with mentoring throughout.

The volunteering taster module is designed to enable learners to feel a part of society, confirm their self-value, recognise the value of the skills they possess, develop team building skills, develop relationships with people in the community and gain a sense of achievement. This volunteering experience will enable them to see the value of their transferable skills and motivate them for further development.

Learners will: gain skills to better manage the change in their lives; improve confidence, motivation, self-esteem and career aspirations; improve their team work, problem solving, communication and participation skills develop better relations with the local community; plan to progress into further learning, volunteering or employment.

The project also aims to recruit 3 learners to become Community Champions promoting active involvement, positive impact of learning beyond the project.

Youth Inspired

Carolyn O’Donnell / Clive Simpson / Sophie Bennet (Tutor)
T: 01234 480980
E: carolyn.youthinspired@gmail.com / clive@youthinspired.org.uk

Creative Futures

Creative Futures is aimed at adults with an identified learning disability and / or mental health condition, who are unlikely to access mainstream arts provision and who live in Bedford and Central Bedfordshire. The project will develop transferrable skills, confidence and self-esteem through engaging with a range of creative activities and social engagement within the community.  Outcomes will include increased independence and employability for learners and a reduced reliance on support services.

Learners will be introduced to a range of art mediums including collage, painting, mosaics and sculpture. As well as gaining practical skills, students will learn about traditional and contemporary artists from each medium and be encouraged to give opinions about the artwork.

Learners will improve in confidence and self-esteem by experiencing teamwork, social interaction, maintaining engagement and learning new skills. Learners will work towards achieving a Gateway Qualification in Art and Design at E3 or L1 and will publically exhibit their art work on completion of the course at the John Bunyan Museum increasing confidence and social interaction.

2 cohorts of 8 learners will be delivered. Each course will be 63 hours, delivered1 day per wk  – 4.5 hrs per day for 14 weeks. Outcomes will include: Art skills development; Improved knowledge of H&S; Increased confidence; Developed and improved teamwork skills;  Improved self management skills including time management and self-evaluation; Increased community engagement (local gallery exhibition)