We identify gaps in provision and seek funding to create innovative programmes to enable more learners to progress, improve their skills and realise their full potential.

We provide a wide range of programmes: from basic IT to employability skills and careers advice, one-to-one sessions, group workshops, for all ages from 19 to 80-plus (see current projects for full details).

Training Provision

Online Centres Network

The Learning Partnership is one of 5,000 local centres, helping people make the most of technology and widening digital inclusion among the most socially excluded in the UK.

Online Centre No. 3457331 

We provide digital skills courses for clients on our programmes, both via the Learn My Way website and through one-to-one support, and help to promote the nation’s annual Get Online Week each October.

As a member of the Online Centres Network we offer a seven point Quality Promise:

  • LMW-logged-out-logoEvery new learner is given a friendly welcome
  • Every learner is given help and support to use computers and the internet
  • Every learner is provided with free or low-cost internet access
  • Every learner is given guidance on how to find and use public services online
  • Every learner is given advice on what to do next, including being signposted to opportunities outside our centre
  • Every learner is offered a safe place to learn
  • Every learner is treated fairly and with respect.

Since 2010, Good Things Foundation and the Online Centres Network has helped 2 million learners gain basic digital skills.

For more information please contact:

Simon Waldron
01234 852132
E: swaldron@learning-partnership.co.uk

Learner Charter

The Learning Partnership Charter lays out detailed guidelines on what an external partner and collaborator can expect from working with the Partnership, in addition to what we as an organisation expect from the partners we work closely with.

The Learning Partnership always provides a supportive environment for collaborative working and encouragement to progress and successfully achieve your objectives as a learning provider.  In return we expect our partners to follow our guidelines and keep in contact throughout the project.

This charter sets out what you can expect from your learning centre. It also says what the centre and other learners expect of you.

What you should expect from your learning centre:

  • unbiased information and advice and guidance available throughout your learning to help you explore the learning path and career options best for you
    help with your individual learning plan to set out your learning goals
  • personal support in the centre to help you progress to your learning aims
  • contact by email if you wish
  • encouragement to you to progress and achieve and overcome any disadvantages or discrimination
  • a review at the end of your course to review your learning and look at what future support may be required
  • a high standard professional service
  • a service that is continually monitored to maintain high standards and learning that provides you with a quality experience
  • a safe, clean, properly equipped and healthy environment in which to learn
  • a certificate when you complete your course.

What your learning centre expects of you:

  • keep in contact try and come along to every session
  • participate fully to get the most out of your learning
  • take care of any equipment you use and report any faults
  • behave with courtesy and respect for centre staff and all other learners
  • help us to help you by keeping your records up to date and completing any learner survey and feedback forms
  • help us to continually improve this centre by giving us your suggestions and ideas.

Comments, Compliments and Complaints:

If you have any problems or complaints about the centre or its services then please contact one of the centre staff directly. The complaints procedure is in your learner pack. You may also contact the Learning Partnership.

We will reply to you within ten working days. If you have difficulty with writing in English you may get a friend to do this on your behalf.